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My name is Sandra Nobre and I'm an artist based in Sweden where I also grew up. I have been painting and drawing since childhood and with a very curious spirit I love experimenting and mixing different teqhniques, materials and styles when creating my art.

However, my art often portray women because I think they represent power, strength and patience. Women have been through so much, and still are going through a lot of obstacles in today’s society. By painting women, I honor them.

I opened my online art store at 2016 and I'm now working full time with my art.
I was earlier known as Kan Dee, as I founded my own apparel label based on my art which could be seen amongst various leading models and celebrities. At the year of 2008, I won a major apparel design competition which led to a television apperience, The Pink Ribbon Charity Gala (The largest event in Sweden to raise funds necessary to provide Breast Cancer Foundation) together with Swedish fashion model and actress Emma Wiklund, television presenter & journalist Renée Nyberg and the clothing brand LINDEX.

I strive to create work that will bring meaning and happiness to the viewer for years to come.