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My name is Sandra Nobre. I'm an artist based in Sweden where I also grew up. Painting and drawing since childhood and with a very curious spirit, I have experimented and tried tremendously different styles, techniques and materials. It’s been a long journey trying to figure out what I feel most passionated about.
I find architecture, design, interior and handcrafts with a Moroccan theme very interesting and inspiring. I'm also very connected to nature & animals and I get lots of inspiration just by going for long walks with my dog. My art often portray women because I think they represent power, strength and patience. Women have been through so much, and still are going through a lot of obstacles in today’s society. By painting women, I honor them. I opened my online art store at 2016 and i'm now working full time with my art. I mainly paint with acrylics but also love to create with other medias and materials. I was earlier known as Kan Dee, as I founded my own apparel label based on my art which could be seen amongst various leading models and celebrities. At the year of 2008, I won a major apparel design competition which led to a television apperience, The Pink Ribbon Charity Gala (The largest event to raise funds necessary to provide Breast Cancer Foundation) together with Swedish fashion model and actress Emma Wiklund, television presenter & journalist Renée Nyberg and the clothing brand LINDEX.

I strive to create work that will bring meaning and happiness to the viewer for years to come.